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                                              Foam tableware "born again" N ask

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                                              National development and Reform Commission announced that foaming tableware was banned 14 years will be lifted in May this year. As important sources of white foaming tableware back table, social buzz. More controversial is that media exposure of a Guangdong ten foaming tableware makers contract with the law firm show that former invested 4.5 million dollars "public relations fees" demanded by the latter foaming tableware by national development and Reform Commission and other agencies to promote the ban.
                                              Cross talk words – you can do it, you are on the line, no line says you can't, you can't, not even; against no. Foaming tableware from 14 years ago, "to be shot" now "being born again", authorities offered two different explanations. Prohibition of extensive publicity when foamed tableware, their refractory toxic or hazardous, seriously pollute the environment; the ban said when foamed tableware "meets food packaging equipment standards," "recyclable," and "save the petroleum resources", and "littering behavior has been significantly reduced." Inconsistency between the authority and all plausible and surprising.
                                              Further questioning is if the known 14 years ago is incorrect, a ban is not hurting an industry? Now release the same to answer a few questions, or is likely to be for public and environmental irresponsibility.
                                              Foaming tableware has two points, one is security, and second, recycling. Experts say that as long as regular production, safe use and proper recycling, will pose no harm to humans and the environment. It must be noted that regular, safe and sound, all for the prerequisite qualifications, as long as the link does not meet, the result is negative.
                                              The reality is that after being banned for more than a dozen years, foamed tableware has never disappeared in the market, but underground production and sales, there has been informal, not security risks. Media surveys also show, currently the professional recycling foamed tableware business with just a House, due to raw material shortages, underemployment. White trash has never stopped Professional recovery "without rice pot", "littering behaviour has significantly decreased," conclusions come from?
                                              Bigger wonder is, why the concerned parties has proposed lifting the foamed tableware? It's not strongly promoting "environmentally friendly meal box" a bitter irony? Fireworks ban to put limits, used to seek public opinion. Involving public resources price hike, I also held a hearing. Pollution threat never far away, foaming tableware, how can you from some of the ugly duckling becomes a Swan? Before you do this, don't listen to the people? When all kinds of doubts have "foaming tableware producers to spend money on PR" ban what is the mystery behind what an imagination.
                                              Credibility is the Foundation for management. Credibility does not depend on what you say, and by law, honesty and self-discipline, service people, devotion to duty accumulated bit by bit to caution. Some units and departments as unpredictable changes in Word and deed, backed out, and the new cut scores and so forth, not only failed to reliance's model, the more policymakers themselves in awkward situations. Adhere to the "countermeasure under" who can even quibble "policy's on it"? These consequences, some managers did not understand?
                                              In the development of society, things are changing, the old policy adjustments are necessary. But before the change should be given compelling reasons, cannot be mixed any selfishness. Foaming of "life and death" should not be the power of the "appeal".