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                                                  The tableware is the materials used harmless, non-toxic and tasteless, easy degradation, manufacturing, use and destruction process without pollution, the quality of the products can meet the requirements of national food hygiene products, after use is easy recovery, easy disposal or easy to acertain food container characteristics. Environmental protection tableware is not equal to degradation tableware, degradable tableware is only one type of environmental protection tableware.
                                                 Environmental protection tableware true and false identification
                                                  1 fake environmental protection plastic tableware - touch the soft, light tear burst, a pungent smell and choked eyes, the heat deformation of leakage;
                                                  2 fake pulp tableware - poor strength, deep color, there is a serious phenomenon of oil seepage;
                                                  3 boxes and boxes with no name, no trademark, no production date;
                                                  4 fake tableware more than qualified products, torn into the water in the sink (the proportion of qualified products less than 1, will not sink);
                                                  5 cheap, such as the general price of fake corn starch tableware sets are generally less than $0.40, while the real price of environmental protection tableware in more than 0.42 yuan.