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                                                    GEOTEGRITY ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY(XIAMEN) CO.,LTD  joint venture established by the Environmental Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Quanzhou Far East and GeoTegrity Environmental Science and Technology (Hong Kong), the company was established in August 11, 2011, in Xiamen Tongan Industrial focus District 150 acres of land, the construction of the plant, office, logistics facilities 100,000 square meters, a total investment of 700 million yuan. After the operation, the annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan, profits and taxes 390 million yuan, to pay taxes more than 10,000 yuan, more than 1,500 new jobs.
                                                   GEOTEGRITY ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY(XIAMEN) CO.,LTD production projects using Quanzhou Far East Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd. developed the SD-P09-type oil heating energy-pulp tableware production line with independent intellectual property rights, is mainly engaged in the development and production of pulp tableware . The main raw material is straw, sugar cane and other plant pulp. The project's entire production process to take automatic circulation system utilization, without any polluting emissions, forming a product, to avoid secondary pollution problem, the entire production process in full compliance with energy-saving, low-carbon, environmentally friendly philosophy.